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Daikin Hydraulic Variable Piston Pump-J-V23A 4RX-30-X168

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Brand: Daikin
Model Name/Number: J-V23A 4RX-30-X168
Usage/Application: Hydraulic Equipment
Warranty Period 6-12 Months
Weight: 25kg
Displacement Version: Variable
Made in Japan

Daikin V series variable piston pump features:

1, V plunger pump, with unique design of swash plate angle change function. Special design, maintain low noise performance in full pressure area.

2. Integrating multiple control modes can form a system with the advantages of energy saving, miniaturization and low cost.

3, power loss filial piety reduce oil temperature rise, optional smaller than the fuel tank.

4. It is widely used in machine tools, oil press, forging, plastic forming machines, etc.


Low noise, low noise and sound operation in all pressure ranges of each series; high efficiency.

Because of small power loss, good reliability, high sensitivity, high stability and long life, the reliability of the main engine is increased.

Product Description

Product Description

The detailed models of Daikin DAIKIN variable piston pump V series are as follows:

Variable displacement piston pump pressure compensation control A

V15A3RX-95, V15A1RX-95, V15A2RX-95, V8A1RX-20,V23A3RX-30, V23A1RX-30, V23A2RX-30, V23A4RX-30,V70A1RX-60,

V38A3RX-95, V38A1RX-95, V38A2RX-95, V38A4RX-95,V50A3RX-20, V50A2RX-20, V50A1RX-20,V70A3RX-60, V70A2RX-60,

Compound pressure control of variable piston pump D

V15D12RAX-95, V15D12RBX-95, V15D12RPX-95, V15D12RNX-95.V23D12RAX-35, V23D12RBX-35, V23D12RPX-35,

V23D12RNX-35.V38D12RAX-95, V38D12RBX-95, V38D12RPX-95, V38D12RNX-95.

Type of oil on both sides:

V8A1RX-20, V8A1RX-20S2, V15A1RX-95, V15A2RX-95, V15A3RX-95, V23A1RX-30, V23A2RX-30, V23A3RX-30,

V38A1RX-95, V38A2RX-95, V38A3RX-95.V50A1RX-20, V50A2RX-20, V50A3RX-20, V70A1RX-60, V70A2RX-60, V70A3RX-60.

Rear oil outlet type:

V8A1R-20, V8A1R-20S2, V15A1R-95, V15A2R-95, V15A3R-95, V23A1R-30, V23A2R-30, V23A3R-30, V38A1R-95,

V38A2R-95, V38A3R-95, V50A1R-20, V50A2R-20, V50A3R-20, V70A1R-60, V70A2R-60, V70A3R-60.

Variable piston pump pressure compensation control A (rear oil outlet)

V15A3R-95, V15A2R-95, V15A1R-95, V8A1R-20,V23A3R-30, V23A2R-30, V23A1R-30, V23A4R-30,V70A1R-60,

V38A3R-95, V38A2R-95, V38A1R-95, V38A4R-95,V50A3R-20, V50A2R-20, V50A1R-20,V70A3R-60, V70A2R-60,

Variable pressure piston pump compound pressure control D (rear oil outlet)

V15D12RA-95, V15D12RB-95, V15D12RP-95, V15D12RN-95.V23D12RA-35, V23D12RB-35, V23D12RP-35,

V38D12RA-95, V38D12RB-95, V38D12RP-95, V38D12RN-95.V23D12RN-35.

Variable displacement piston pump pressure compensation control A

V8A1RX-20, V8A1R-20, V8A1LX-20, V8A1L-20,V15A1RX-95, V15A2RX-95, V15A3RX-95, V15A1R-95, V15A2R-95, V15A3R-95,

V15A1LX-95, V15A2LX-95, V15A3LX-95, V15A1L-95, V15A2L-95, V15A3L-95,V15A3RX-95RC, V15A3R-95RC, V15A3LX-95RC,

V15A3L-95RC,V23A1RX-30, V23A2RX-30, V23A3RX-30, V23A4RX-30, V23A1R-30, V23A2R-30, V23A4R-30,V23A1LX-30,

V23A2LX-30, V23A3LX-30, V23A4LX-30, V23A1L-30, V23A2L-30, V23A3L-30,V23A4L-30, V23A3R-30, V23A3RX-30RC,

V23A4RX-30RC, V23A3R-30RC, V23A4R-30RC,V23A3LX-30RC, V23A4LX-30RC, V23A3L-30RC, V23A4L-30RC,V38A1RX-95,

V38A2RX-95, V38A3RX-95, V38A4RX-95, V38A1R-95, V38A2R-95, V38A3R-95,V38A1LX-95, V38A2LX-95, V38A3LX-95,

V38A4LX-95, V38A1L-95, V38A2L-95, V38A3L-95,V38A4L-95, V38A4R-95, V38A3RX-95RC, V38A4RX-95RC, V38A3R-95RC,

V38A4R-95RC,V38A3LX-95RC, V38A4LX-95RC, V38A3L-95RC, V38A4L-95RC,V50A1RX-20, V50A2RX-20, V50A3RX-20, V50A1R-20,

V50A2R-20, V50A3R-20,V50A1LX-20, V50A2LX-20, V50A3LX-20, V50A1L-20, V50A2L-20, V50A3L-20,V50A3RX-20RC, V50A3R-20RC,

V50A3LX-20RC, V50A3L-20RC,V70A1RX-60, V70A2RX-60, V70A3RX-60, V70A1R-60, V70A2R-60, V70A3R-60,V70A1LX-60, V70A2LX-60,

V70A3LX-60, V70A1L-60, V70A2L-60, V70A3L-60,V70A3RX-60RC, V70A3R-60RC, V70A3LX-60RC, V70A3L-60RC,

Variable piston pump combination control C— automatic pressure regulating method H

V15C12RHX-95, V15C13RHX-95, V15C23RHX-95, V15C11RHX-95, V15C22RHX-95,

V23C12RHX-30, V23C13RHX-30, V23C14RHX-30, V23C23RHX-30, V23C24RHX-30,

V23C22RHX-30, V23C11RHX-30, V38C22RHX-95, V38C11RHX-95, V70C22RHX-60,

V38C12RHX-95, V38C13RHX-95, V38C14RHX-95, V38C23RHX-95, V38C24RHX-95,

V70C12RHX-60, V70C13RHX-60, V70C23RHX-60, V70C11RHX-60,

Variable piston pump combination control C— solenoid valve pressure regulating method J

V15C12RJAX-95, V15C13RJAX-95, V15C23RJAX-95, V15C11RJAX-95, V15C22RJAX-95,

V15C12RJBX-95, V15C13RJBX-95, V15C23RJBX-95, V15C11RJBX-95, V15C22RJBX-95,

V15C12RJNX-95, V15C13RJNX-95, V15C23RJNX-95, V15C11RJNX-95, V15C22RJNX-95,

V15C12RJPX-95, V15C13RJPX-95, V15C23RJPX-95, V15C11RJPX-95, V15C22RJPX-95,

V23C12RJAX-35, V23C13RJAX-35, V23C14RJAX-35, V23C23RJAX-35, V23C24RJAX-35,

V23C11RJAX-35, V23C22RJAX-35, V23C12RJBX-35, V23C13RJBX-35, V23C14RJBX-35,

V23C23RJBX-35, V23C24RJBX-35, V23C11RJBX-35, V23C22RJBX-35, V23C12RJNX-35,

V23C13RJNX-35, V23C14RJNX-35, V23C23RJNX-35, V23C24RJNX-35, V23C11RJNX-35,

V23C22RJNX-35, V23C12RJPX-35, V23C13RJPX-35, V23C14RJPX-35, V23C23RJPX-35,

V23C24RJPX-35, V23C11RJPX-35, V23C22RJPX-35, V38C12RJAX-95, V38C13RJAX-95,

V38C14RJAX-95, V38C23RJAX-95, V38C24RJAX-95, V38C11RJAX-95, V38C22RJAX-95,

V38C12RJBX-95, V38C13RJBX-95, V38C14RJBX-95, V38C23RJBX-95, V38C24RJBX-95,

V38C11RJBX-95, V38C22RJBX-95, V38C12RJNX-95, V38C13RJNX-95, V38C14RJNX-95

V15, V23, ..
J-V23A 4RX-30-X168


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